All Natural Wicked Aftercare is here!!!!!!


Are you tired of using chemical and carcinogen laced lotions for tattoo aftercare?  There is no need to feel the burn each time you moisturize your new tattoo.

Our new aftercare is a hemp based, totally natural tattoo aftercare.  It will not clog your pours, or leave you skin greasy or sticky like other tattoo “Waxes” or “Goos”.  With ingredients you can actually pronounce, you can take the guess work out of what you are putting on your skin.

We love it and know you will too.


General Tattoo Aftercare

  • Do not leave you tattoo wrapped up any longer than 3 hours.
  • When you remove the wrap wash your tattoo right away with clean hands and warm water to remove any blood or blood plasma. Any blood or blood plasma that is left behind will harden into thick crusty scabs which you want to avoid for proper healing. Be sure to wash your tattoo 2-5 times a day until healed.
  • Ideally TATTOOS SHOULD have minimal scabbing and should heal more like sunburn, light and flaky.
  • You can apply a small amount of unscented moisturizer to your tattoo Starting on day 2 of the healing process. Please note: Less is more when it comes to moisturizing you need a very small amount 3-5 times a day. Too much lotion will cause your tattoo to scab and prolong the healing time.
  • Please be aware if you have any pets that share your living space, animal hair and dander is your healing tattoos number one enemy, take special precautions to ensure your bed sheets are clear of any pet hair.
  • Avoid lakes, pools, rivers, hot tubs and any other body of water while you tattoo is healing.
  • Do not tan or expose you tattoo to the sun during the healing time.

Piercing Aftercare

Congratulations on your new piercing, we hope you enjoy it for years to come.  Most piercings take at least 3 months to heal, however this varies depending on the person and piercing. The piercing may look and feel healed however, it is very important to wait until the piercing is fully healed before you change the jewelry and stop your aftercare routine. This will greatly reduce your risks of a problematic piercing.

We have prepared this very simple aftercare guide for you, this will reduce your chance of infection and other possible piercing irritations.

If at any time you are concerned or have any questions about your piercing please do not hesitate to contact us at 604-380-2234. Refrain from asking advice from your friends or family members, they mean well, but have no idea what they are talking about, leave it to the professionals :

General Aftercare Considerations

  • Do not touch, turn, or play with your jewelry in any way.
  • Spray saline solutions on your piercing 2-3 times per day, let air dry.
  • Keep tight clothing off of your new piercing.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that can catch or snag your piercing.
  • Do no sleep on your piercing (ears, navel).
  • Avoid getting make-up and lotions in your  piercing (this is the #1 cause of healing issues.)
  • Avoid swimming in pools, lakes, streams, oceans, hot tubs or any other bodies of water.

Oral Aftercare Considerations

  • Rinse mouth with alcohol free mouth wash 2-3 times a day.
  • Avoid hot temperature, spicy, salty and acidic foods.
  • Do not use a straw as this will put unnecessary tension on your new piercing.
  • Abstain from oral contact including kissing and oral sex.
  • Swelling is normal for oral piercings, ice is a great way to bring the swelling down, another option is ibuprofen which is an anti-inflammatory. As with any medication if you choose this method please be sure to follow the direction listed on the bottle. If swelling persists for more than 3 days please contact our shop.

Everyone heals differently. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our shop. We are happy to answer all your questions to ensure your tattoo or piercing heals properly.

Please do not take advice from your friends, while they mean well, they don’t know what they are talking about. Leave it to the professionals 🙂